AccuFill® Void Fill Measurement System VF95

FillPak Accufill Paper Void Fill System
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The AccuFill void fill measurement system revolutionizes in-the-box packaging by removing the variable of packer judgement from the equation. The AccuFill system scans the box and automatically determines how much packing material is needed to fill the void. It then signals the Ranpak converter to generate the exact amount of material to fill that void. AccuFill optimizes packing efficiency when used in conjunction with FillPak®, Ranpak's patented converter system for high-speed void fill applications.

AccuFill uses a sensor array that mounts over a conveyor line. As boxes come down the line, AccuFill sensors scan the box to determine its size, measure the volume of the objects inside the box and compute the amount of packaging material needed to fill the void. It then signals FillPak to dispense the exact amount of paper needed. Usage amounts are recorded so the user can review the cost associated with a shift, a week or a month of production.

Specifications :

  • Speed: 10-12 boxes/min
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Dimensions: 84-98"H x 40-50"W x 10"Depth
  • Power: 110/220 VAC



  • Optimizes Material Usage
  • Tracks Productivity
  • Measures Cost Savings Versus Competitive Materials
  • Provides Six Standard Analysis Reports: Box Data, Cost Analysis, Fill Data, Machine Data, Material Cost, & Operator Data