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Rotoplat LP AS 507
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Pallet wrapping machine ROTOPLAT LP AS
The automatic Rotoplat pallet wrapping machine represent the innovative and flexible solution to fully automatic pallet wrapping. The operator places the load on the turntable, stars -off cycle by remote con trol and, after having accomplished the wrapping cycle in an automatic manner, removes the pallet. The innovative Film Clamping & Cutting Unit with integrated sealer ensures accurate hooking, cutting and sealing of film tail that perfectly adheres to the pallet; full respect of the safety rules is guaranteed in every operating condition.

The pallet can be positioned by fork lift truck or pallet jack. Thanks to the 4" high base plate, this pallet wrapping machine has a high operating flexibility.

ROTOPLAT LP AS 507 PFS-Automatic turntable with clamp-cut and sealing unit


PFS: Variable power pre-stretch with force to load electronic control

Machine Characteristics

Plate diameter


Turntable rotation speed:

4-15 rpm

Front and Rear

Power supply voltage

120 Volt 1 Ph/60 Hz

Installed power

3.1 HP

Pre-stretch ratio


Phase stopping


Soft start


Remotely control cycle start

Automatic clamp cut and sealing unit

Characteristics of the product to be wrapped

Maximum dimensions (LxW)

48 x 48"

Maximum useful height:


Maximum load weight:

4400 lbs

Film roll characteristics

Max. external diameter (D):


Film roll height (h):

20" (30" option)

Film thickness:  

70 ÷ 140 gauge

Internal diameter (d):


Max. weight:  

44 lbs