Aetna Ecoplat SW1

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The new turntable machine Ecoplat with its distinguishing features (revolutionary control panel) allows for a very simple and use for all wrapping applications.


- PATENTED user-friendly operator panel for easy and fast cycle setup
- Cost effective auto self learning pre-set named ECO WRAP
- This turntable machine and his flexible film carriage allow both low pre-stretch films and pre-stretch film rolls to be used


- Low energy consumption motors
- User manual printed on recycle paper
- Manufactured by certified environmentally friendly companies

Special Note -

*The turntable machine Ecoplat replaces the Rotoplat Start, Start Maxi and Rotoplat Jolly machine model series.

ECOPLAT - Turntable for packaging with stretch film


ECOPLAT: Film stretching with mechanical brake
Machine Characteristics

Turntable diameter


Turntable capacity

4400 lbs

Max wrapping height

Film carriage


Adjustable turntable rotation speed

from 4 to 10

Adjustable up and down carriage speed

from 3.3 to 13

Installed power

120 VAC ( ±20%)

Power supply frequency

Download PDF:Aetna-Ecoplat