PullPak™ Manual Void Fill Dispensing System VF99

PullPak Paper Packaging
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  • -Complete - forming funnel included to create a PaperStar™ shape
  • -Versatile - fits just about anywhere from a packstation to a retail counter, to a mobile cart or in a mailroom
  • -Simple - Just pull, tear and pack. No training, scissors or blade required
  • -Eco-Friendly - 100% recyclable and biodegradable kraft paper
  • -Economical - much more cost-effective than other void fill materials

PullPak features 1,000 feet of conveniently perforated, easy-tear fanfolded kraft paper in a lightweight box. In a small space, PullPak offers a cost savings of more than 50 percent when compared to loosefill and bubble materials, based on an independent price-per-cubic-foot comparison. As for space, PullPak fits almost anywhere, on a packstation, at a retail counter or on a mobile cart as well as in a mailroom for convenient packing, wrapping or storage applications. In addition, PullPak includes a forming funnel to create the PaperStar™ shape Ranpak is known for, helping customers achieve the best volume in packaging designs.

"With the increasing demand for eco-friendly packaging products and storage space always at a premium, PullPak is the convenient, cost-effective solution for busy warehouse managers,” said Donna Tohme, product manager, Ranpak. “With PullPak’s 100 percent recyclable kraft paper, customers can easily meet demand for environmentally sustainable packaging, while saving space."