FillPak M™ Void Fill System VF98

FillPak M Paper Void Fill
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FillPak M converts single-ply, 15" fanfold kraft paper into a PaperStar™ configuration for top and side void fill applications. The FillPak M is ideal for low volume or individual pack station needs. The motorless FillPak M is appropriate for non-industrial, quiet environments. FillPak M eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand crumpling of paper.


  • Dimensions: 21.2"W x 30.8-40"H
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Cut Method: Manual Tear
  • Operating Modes: Manual Pull


  • Compact: minimal area for set up and storage; ideal for low volume or individual pack station needs
  • Clean: paper packing material is neatly guided into the box without any overfilling or spillage
  • Quiet: no motor makes the unit appropriate for non-industrial settings