FillPak TT® Cut Mechanism System VF91

FillPak TT Cut Mechanism Void Fill System
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FillPak TT Cut Mechanism converts single-ply, 15" fanfold kraft paper into a PaperStar™ configuration for fast and efficient packing with an automatic cut feature. It is ideal for low cost, high-speed top and side void fill applications at multiple pack stations. FillPak TT Cut is easily operated by a foot pedal or EDS mode to dispense the void fill product directly into a box, further increasing the speed and efficiency of packing. This new product also makes the packing process more ergonomically correct for operators. FillPak TT Cut is versatile and can be easily configured as a floor or table stand to fit any packaging area. Just like the standard FillPak TT, the FillPak TT Cut can also be converted into a battery-operated unit when electrical outlets are not available.


  • Dimensions: 17"W x 26.5"Deep
  • Weight: 54 lbs (table stand) or 66 lbs (floor stand)
  • Power: 100/115 VAC, 1 phase
  • Feed Rate: 60 in/sec
  • Cut Method: Electric Motor
  • Operating Modes: Footswitch or EDS


  • Fast: allows for converting speed of 60 in/sec
  • Compact: designed for facilities with multiple packing stations
  • Adaptable: can be easily retrofitted to any new style FillPak TT
  • Versatile: EDS mode allows adjust ability to dispense paper from 12" to 10' automatically
  • Adjustable: converter height and head angle remains adjustable for ease and comfort while loading and packing