FillPak® Void-Fill System VF3

FillPak Void Fill Paper Packaging System
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The FillPak converter is designed to generate void fill material on demand for high-volume, high-speed top and side void fill applications. FillPak converts single-ply, 30" fanfold paper into a PaperStar™ form that is geometrically the most effective way to fill a void. The system can fit over any conveyor system to dispense product directly into the box making it an extremely efficient void fill system for random applications. It can also be integrated into any void fill or pick and pack operation. The machine's stand holds multiple packs of paper, allowing for maximum uptime and throughput.



  • Dimensions: 35"W x 93"H x 38"Deep
  • Weight: 413 lbs
  • Power: 115 V, 60 Hz, 1.7 Amps
  • Feed Rate: 30, 45, or 55 in/sec
  • Cut Method: Electric Motor with clutch
  • Packing Height: 66" (floor to chute height)
  • Operating Modes: Footswitch or EDS


  • Fast: converting speed is 55 in/sec
  • Versatile: integrates easily into a void fill or pick and pack operation
  • Adjustable: Electronic Delivery System mode dispenses paper material from 16" to 100" automatically
  • Economical: more cost-effective than other void fill materials
  • Efficient: 11,620 feet of paper can be stacked, adhered together and converted for maximum uptime and throughput