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Synergy 2.5
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The Synergy 2.5 is the most reliable powered pre-stretch stretch wrap system in the industry! Maximize your film usage by choosing from three levels of powered pre-stretch, including 150% 180%, and 200%. Standard features of the High Profile model, shown here, are: 12 rpm, 3 built-in wrap programs, film assist (enables operator to pull initial film tail through the powered pre-stretch system out to the turntable/load), a 3 year warranty, and wrap height to 72". A Low Profile model is available with the same features, but includes a ramp and 80" wrap height.

System Specifications

  • Extended frame for larger loads
  • Extended mast for tall loads
  • 30" film capacity
  • Dual turntables
  • Scale systems for wrap & weigh
  • Conveyorized system
  • 6,000 lb load capacity
Download PDF:Synergy 2.5