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The HB-4310 side seal strapping machine provides high-speed, jam-resistant operation for a wide range of general purpose applications. The HB-4310 cycles up to 52 straps per minute, and uses 9mm or 10.5mm polypropylene strapping.

HB-4310 Features

Jam-resistant technology
The HB-4310 strapping machine is designed to deliver the most jam-resistant technology available.

Automatic cut-off and refeed option
Unlike any other automatic strapping machines that require an operator to clear strap jams, the HB-4310 automatically ejects misfed strap, rethreads itself and continues strapping without operator intervention.

Lubrication-free operation
The HB-4310's self-lubricating design provides excellent durability and maintenance-free operation.

High tension
The patented tension winder mechanism ensures consistent, high tension (up to 250 lbs.) regardless of package size or compressibility.