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The LBX Magazine is loaded with productivity enhancing features designed to minimize downtime, simplify maintenance and virtually eliminate make-ready time between magazine runs. The LBX-Magazine uses 5 mm or 6 mm polypropylene strapping.

LBX-Magazine Features

Ultra low strap tension
The LBX-Magazine allows adjustable strap tension to as low as 2 lbs preventing indentations on book edges.

Pop-up bundle diverter
A proprietary pop-up bundle diverter lifts small stacks into the bundle stops, preventing damage from shingling.

Patented automatic cut-off and refeed option
The LBX-Magazine can be equipped with our patented automatic cut-off and refeed feature, which automatically ejects misfed strap, rethreads itself and continues strapping without operator intervention.

Patented, jam-resistant technology
The LBX-Magazine is designed to deliver the most jam-resistant technology available. Its unique design enables the LBX-Magazine to continue cycling in situations that commonly cause strap jams in other machines.