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The LBX-2330 automatic strapping machine provides high speed, jam-resistant operation for a wide range of general purpose applications. The LBX-2330 has fewer parts and a number of features that make it easy to use and maintain. The LBX-2330 cycles up to 70 straps per minute and uses Contrax polypropylene strapping.

LBX-2330 Features

Non-directional strap loading
Strap coil pays off from either direction, reducing the downtime and material waste from incorrect loading.

Variable speed conveyor
The LBX-2330's standard variable speed conveyor easily integrates with your existing conveyor system, providing for easy set-up and operation.

Out-of-strap feature
The out-of-strap feature ejects the strap at the end of the coil to eliminate downtime associated with removing the excess strap left in the machine.

Download PDF:signode-lbx_2330.pdf