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The LBX-2000 offers reliable performance, low maintenance operation and the highest available speed of a general duty strapping machine. Suitable for a wide range of general applications, from mailroom operations to general carton closure, the LBX-2000 cycles up to 70 straps per minute for high speed, efficient strapping. The LBX-2000 uses 5mm or 6mm Contrax polypropylene strapping.

LBX-2000 Features

Patented, jam-resistant technology
The LBX-2000 is designed to deliver the most jam-resistant technology available. Its unique design enables the LBX-2000 to continue cycling in situations that commonly cause strap jams in other machines.

Easy coil loading
The LBX-2000’s flexible design makes strap coil loading simpler than ever. Coil can pay off in either direction, eliminating the incidences of error and downtime associated with improper strap loading.

Innovative, fully accessible strap path
On the LBX-2000, raising the hinged tabletop opens up the chute. By lifting an easy to reach guide, the LBX-2000 features full access to the strap path.

Download PDF:signode-lbx_2000.pdf