Go Packaging Model 415 (Fully Automatic) Go_Packaging_Model_415__Fully_Automatic_

Model 415
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Model 415 is a fully automatic strapping machine with speeds up to 37 straps per minute.

  • HIGH SPEED: One of the fastest conveyorized machines available.
  • SELF-THREADING: Proven auto-feed allows strap to automatically feed with the touch of a lever from outside machine.
  • RETRACT & REFEED STRAP MANUALLY: Eliminates strap waste by retracting and refeeding excess strap.
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: Fewer moving parts & fewer adjustments means simplified operation and maintenance.
  • CONTROL FEATURES: One strap, double strap or bypass.
  • ENERGY SAVING OPERATION: Motors run only during strap cycle, providing the quietest working environment possible.
  • ACCELERATION / DECELERATION: Conveyor can be easily adjusted to meet characteristics of the package.
  • VARIABLE SPEED CONVEYOR: Speed can be adjusted from 40 FPM to 240 FPM outfeed.
  • SEALING HEAD STRAP EJECTOR: Eliminates down time by clearing unwanted strap from seal head.
  • CHOICE OF STRAP: Polypropylene strap sizes can be easily changed in the field, with minimum parts required. Available strap widths: 5, 6, 7, 9, 12 and 15mm 
Download PDF:Model 415