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The Wrapping Robot S5 perfectly represents ROBOPAC manufacturing philosophy.
This Robot wrapper was born from a revolutionary idea: the wrapping machine goes around the load. This approach immediately had a huge impact on the market. Since then the Robot has been renewed, improved and better equipped during 25 years of ROBOPAC's history. This stretch wrapping robot has therefore reached outstanding qualities and reliability levels.
The Robot wrapper is equipped with the most efficient safety devices and it is the ideal partner for all industrial environments for which logistic versatility is a priority. Wrapping Robot S5 is able to work in a tight space, it has great battery autonomy and can be easily moved from a load to another: these are some of the qualities that made it the undisputed world leader in its category.

Distinguishing marks

ROBOT S5 -Self-propelled robot for packaging with stretch film


PFS: Variable powered pre-stretch up to 300% with electronic force to load control
Characteristics of the machine

Machine rotation speed: 

124 '/min ÷ 262 '/min

Carriage upward/downward speed:  

5.2'/min ÷ 19.6'/min
Number of pallets per battery charge:  
Over 250

Power supply voltage:

120 V/1 Ph/60 Hz

Characteristics of the product to be wrapped

Minimum dimensions (LxW):

31" x 31"

Maximum useful height: 

86" - 94" - 110" - (118" Special)
Film roll characteristics

Max. external diameter (D):


Film roll height (h):

20" (opt. 30")

Film thickness:  

70 ÷ 140 gauge

Internal diameter (d):


Max. weight:  

44 lbs
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