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Rotowrap C
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ROTOWRAP is the ideal solution for wrapping stretch film around particularly unstable products. Holding the pallet still and stabilizing the product using a rotating arm is a common necessity for many industries. The ROTOWRAP family offers superior-quality products for end-of-line packing technology with machines of excellent design and manufacture that provide fast and efficient pallet wrapping.

ROTOWRAP C - Rotating Arm Stretch Wrapping Machine


FR: Film stretch with electro-mechanical brake

PFS: Variable power pre-stretch, force to load electronic control

Machine Characteristics

Arm rotation speed:

4÷12 rpm

Upward/downward carriage speed 

5.2 ÷ 14.5 '/min

Power supply voltage

120 Volt 1 Ph/60 Hz

Installed power (Rotowrap C – PFS)
1.3 HP
Machine's height
Machine's weight (Rotowrap C – PFS)
1676 lbs

Characteristics of the product to be wrapped

Maximum dimensions (LxW)

48" x 48"

Maximum useful height:

Film roll characteristics

Max. external diameter (D):


Film roll height (h):

20" (30" option)

Film thickness:  

70 ÷ 140 gauge

Internal diameter (d):


Max. weight:  

44 lbs
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