Brenton BantamPro ELS Case Packer Brenton_BantamPro_ELS_Case_Packer

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The new case packer is a good solution for contract packers, specialty product makers, limited time offers and new product launches. It's ideal for anyone facing the dilemma of adding to their labor expense or investing capital in more throughput than they really need.

The BantamPro ELS top load case packer accommodates RSC cases and automatically performs multiple packaging operations, including case erecting, loading, and sealing sections within its compact footprint.

The robotic loading pick-and-place module was designed in collaboration with Schneider Electric. It features interchangeable robot modules depending on desired cycle rates and payload capacities. The BantamPro ELS is capable of 10 cpm or 20 picks per minute and product payloads up to 20 lbs. per pick. By replacing the gantry with a 2 axis ELAU delta robot, capacities jump to 50 picks per minute and over 50 lbs. Advanced servo technology minimizes the machine's electrical cabinet requirements. A continuous welded frame is standard for a long service life, and the entire machine is backed by the same warranty package offered on higher speed Brenton case packers.

  • Multiple packaging operations, including case erecting, loading and sealing, are completely integrated.
  • Up to 10 cpm or 20 picks per minute for companies outgrowing their handpacking operations.
  • Occupies similar floor space as hand pack operations, with the added benefit of fully automatic performance
  • ‘Machine ready’ cabinet is a standard module expandable up to 16 servos for robot and custom product infeed requirements.