AirPouch® FastWrap™ Protective Packaging System, Void-Fill Air Pillow Systems VF4

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The AirPouch FastWrap produces filled bubbles and tubes used for protective packing, such as wrapping, interleaving, and block-and brace applications. FastWrap secures and cushions your products while in transit, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction.

The FastWrap is a compact, all-electric system that is easy to set-up and simple to operate. Using materials that feed from a high-yield box, the FastWrap operates in automatic or intermittent modes at speeds up to 55 feet per minute. The system features an operator-friendly design, with adjustable heat, air flow and run time for controlled filling and sealing of the bubbles and tubes. Plus, the FastWrap is the first on-demand protective packaging system to operate without a knife, eliminating the primary wear item found on every other machine in its class. The FastWrap can be used as a stand-alone, tabletop system – or combined with a variety of equipment accessories that make the system ideal for any size order fulfillment operation. 

 AirPouch FastWrap cushioning bubbles feature our patent-pending, channel-filled honeycomb design, which allows multidirectional wrapping and improved product protection. FastWrap block-and-brace tubes feature our exclusive EZ-Tear™ Perforations between each tube, making the tubes easier to separate and reducing material waste. Both products are available in a variety of system-matched film types, including EarthAware™ Biodegradable Films. The convenient, boxed material is easy to handle, and dramatically reduces the storage requirements found with paper, foam or bundle bubble materials.



  • -Highly flexible system produces bubbles or tubes on demand for wrapping, interleaving, and block-and-brace applications
  • -Tabletop, all-electric system is portable, easy to set-up and use, and operator-friendly
  • -Eliminates the bulky storage requirements of paper, foam and bundle bubble materials
  • -Patent-pending honeycomb bubble pattern is channeled, allowing multi-directional wrapping and improved product protection
  • -Tubes feature the AirPouch exclusive EZ-Tear Perforation between every tube for ease of separation and reduced material waste
  • -Available with a variety of accessories to accommodate any order fulfillment operation
  • -System-matched materials are available in a range of film types


  • -Mail order fulfillment
  • -Third-party logistics and contract packaging/fulfillment of electronics & components
  • -Automotive & appliance parts
  • -Cosmetics
  • -Health & beauty aids
  • -Hobby & craft items
  • -Glass & giftware
  • -Jewelry & novelty items
  • -Pharmaceutical/medical supplies
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